Immerse Yourself in English History at the Beautiful Hampton Court Palace

October 12th, 2016

The Magna Carta barge cruise includes visits to historic sites and beautiful gardens

If you love British culture and want to explore some of the English countryside, we highly recommend the Magna Carta which cruises on the vibrant and lively Thames River.  When cruising with them, we were delighted to walk from the barge to the Hampton Court Palace, most famous as a residence for Tudor monarchs and their consorts: Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Catherine Howard, Edward VI (Henry VIII’s short-lived male heir), and Mary I and Elizabeth I.

Hampton Court Palace

What are some of the highlights of Hampton Court Palace?

The great hall of Hampton Court Palace

The Great Hall of Henry VIII  This huge medieval hall once featured William Shakespeare’s acting troupe where they performed in the early 1600s.

The kitchens of Hampton Court Palace

The Tudor kitchens
These were built to feed hundreds of people every day, of course without any modern appliances.  How did they do it? Step into the kitchens and find out. You may also be able to catch a live cooking event.

The famous maze at Hampton Court Palace

One of the most famous mazes in the world
Will you be able to find your way out from among the intricate hedges? The maze, by the way, wasn’t Tudor. It was conceived later on during the reign of William III.

The gardens of Hampton Court Palace

The gardens
Don’t miss out on exploring the splendid formal gardens and parklands that surround the palace.  You’ll come across deer and birds, fountains and ponds, sculpted trees and a wide variety of flowers in breathtaking settings.

The largest grape vine in the world at Hampton Court Palace

The biggest surprise of all is the largest grape vine in the world
Now that’s worth seeing!

A visit to Hampton Court Palace is just one of the royal visits you will enjoy while cruising on board the Magna Carta.Related Article

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