Champagne is the height of fine living and sophisticated French culture. With its rolling green hills covered with Champagne grapes and dotted with wine villages, this area invites you to celebrate with its famous bubbles. The World War I memorial and Bellau Wood battleground near Chateau Thierry are more sobering, but very historic sights worth seeing. The Reims Cathedral, where many French kings were coronated, is a grand and historic site.

There are several routes in Champagne favored by our barge cruises.

Between Paris and Epernay

Imagine cruising right through Paris past the Notre Dame on your Seine and Marne river cruise on La Nouvelle Etoile. As you leave the busyness of Paris behind, you enter the quiet countryside of the Marne Valley and enter the Champagne region where the vineyards spill down to the river.

Sightseeing can include:

  • A cruise through the center of Paris past Notre Dame
  • The magnificent Chateau of Vaux-le-Vicomte
  • Brie cheese tasting with a master cheese maker in Coulommiers
  • Cellars of Moet et Chandon for a private Champagne tasting
  • World War I memorial at Chateau Thierry
  • Abbey of Hautvilliers where monk Dom Perignon first made Champagne

Marne River
Canal Latéral à la Marne
Canal de l'Aisne à la Marne

Connecting Paris to eastern France, the Marne River and two canals flowing through Champagne provide scenic waterways surrounded by vineyards with small wine villages ideal for mooring for the night.

  • Sightseeing can include:
    • Cathedral at Reims where French kings were crowned
    • Champagne tasting at private cellars
    • The vineyards of Moet et Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Mumm and others
    • World War I battlefields, monuments and cemeteries
    • Village of Hautvillers, the home of Dom Perignon, the creator of Champagne

There are three diverse routes for Champagne cruises:

  • Between Paris and Epernay
  • Between Chateau-Thierry and Maisy
  • Between Sillery and Jaulgonne
  • Between Meaux and Sillery


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Reims Cathedral in Champagne

WWII monument in Chateau Thierry, Champagne

Champagne cellars underground in Epernay