Working with Travel Agents to Book Barge Cruises

Dear Travel Professional,

Thank you for contacting us about a barge cruise for your clients. We would be happy to work with you and understand the importance of protecting your client/agent relationship.

Why book your barge cruise through us?

  • Your clients’ interests, comfort, enjoyment and budget are important to us. We want them to have the best barge vacation possible, and come back to tell you about it.
  • We only book barge cruise vacations, and are committed to providing you with our best service. 
  • You will benefit from our knowledge and experience.
  • The cost to your client is the same if you book directly with the barge or through a recognized booking agent like ourselves.
  • With a barge cruise specialist and authorized booking agent, you receive independent advice as to which barge works best for your clients’ interests and budget.
  • We protect your client/agent relationship and refer the client back to you for any future bookings.
  • Instant availability - The barge owners send updated schedules to us regularly giving us instant availability for most barges.
  • Ease of booking - Once your client has selected their barge cruise, we place an option on the week they want for 7 days. We then email you the booking form which can be completed then emailed, faxed or mailed to us with the deposit, either by check or credit card authorization. We accept credit cards for most bookings.

You will receive for your clients:

  • The booking forms by email to complete and return with deposit
  • The barge's daily itinerary
  • Information about the barge including amenities and features
  • Trip Preparation Kit with helpful information and travel tips
  • Recommended Paris hotels
  • Suggested reading list
  • Suggested packing list
  • Invoice for final payment 30 days before due
  • Recommended train schedules to help with arrival and departure logistics
  • Final cruise documents and emergency contact numbers

It is the travel agent's responsibility to:

  • Advise your clients on the Terms and Conditions provided
  • Return the booking forms, deposit and final payment in a timely manner
  • Offer them a travel protection plan to protect their investment
  • Based on the information we provide:
    • Advise them correctly on arrival and departure times and places
    • Advise them of the correct itinerary
    • Provide them with the Trip Preparation Kit and other information specified
    • Provide them with final documents and joining instructions
    • Follow through and provide us with their comments and feedback about the cruise so we can continue to improve our services and client satisfaction
  • Purchase train tickets if required. We will provide recommended train schedules for arrival and departure to the meeting location.
  • Help them plan and reserve their pre and post cruise activities

Thank you for your interest in barge cruising. We look forward to working with you to select and book the right barge cruise for your clients. 

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