Magnolia deck spa
Friends cruising together on Magnolia in Southern Burgundy

Charter barge cruises are ideal for private groups of family and friends

A barge cruise is the ideal way to gather with friends and family for those special occasions. Milestone birthdays, awesome anniversaries, family reunions with multi-generations, longtime friends getting away together. The intimate atmosphere, fun activities and luscious food and wine make your special occasion truly memorable.

Many barges are happy to customize a charter barge cruise for your own private party. Just let us know what you are looking for, and we'll match you up with the barge that meets your needs and interests. Also check out Theme Cruises for itineraries that specialize in many different activities such as walking, biking, golf, wine, cooking, family cruises, tandem cruises for larger groups and more.

Imagine a group of friends or family gathering together with no responsibilities except enjoying each others' company, fabulous food and wine, scenic beauty and historic sights. And it's all on a lovely, comfortable barge with a friendly crew to care for your every need. This is truly one of the all time great vacations!

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