4 Barge Cruise Categories - Charming, First Class, Deluxe, Ultra Deluxe

One of the most frequently asked questions about barge cruises is what makes one barge more deluxe, and more expensive, than another. Because barges are limited in size to fit into the locks, the more people you put on a barge, the less space there is per person. The more deluxe barges have larger cabins or suites and more space per person in the common areas. They often have designer decor, fine fabrics and more amenities such as hot tubs on deck and demonstration kitchens.

Features included in all barge cruise categories

  • Excellent food with regional dishes to gourmet fare, all made with the freshest ingredients available
  • Local and French wines paired with each lunch and dinner
  • Open bar unless otherwise stated
  • Private ensuite facilities in each cabin including shower, sink and toilet
  • The option of queen/king or twin beds unless otherwise stated
  • Guided excursions to historic sites, wine tastings, picturesque towns and open markets
  • The same beautiful scenery along each waterway and through the countryside

Charming class barge Magnolia hosts 6 passengers in 3 queen or twin cabins

Charming Class Barge Cruises - $

This is a great option for small charters of 4-8 passengers. The barge is typically operated by the barge owners who are the captain and cook. The atmosphere is relaxed with a variety of meal plans including some meals taken on shore giving passengers the adventure of experiencing local restaurants. As they do not have a large crew, they can operate at a lesser cost making this a very affordable cruise. Cabins are typically about 100 sq. feet. They are decorated in the owners' personal style - like a home away from home.


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First class barge Emma hosts 6 passengers in 3 cabins of 100 sq. feet

First Class Barge Cruises - $$

​A very diverse category from owner/operated floating homes to classic hotel barges carrying 6-21 passengers. Each barge has its own personality and style. There is more crew to take care of the cabins, guide tours and prepare the meals. The styles are very individual based on the owners' taste with cabins at 80-100 sq. ft.


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Deluxe barge L'Impressionniste hosts
12 passengers in 2 junior suites and 4 staterooms of 110 - 152 sq. feet

Deluxe Class Barge Cruises - $$$

Deluxe barges typically have more space per person in the common areas and in the cabins. The ambiance is elegant yet casual with excellent cuisine, stylish decor, large crew, more spacious cabins, and many with a hot tub on deck. Some even have demonstration kitchens to watch the chef prepare meals. Cabins range from 120 - 270 sq. feet, with many averaging about 150 sq. feet.


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Ultra deluxe barge Prosperite hosts 8 passengers in 4 elegant suites of 280 sq. feet

Ultra deluxe barge cruises - $$$$

What can we say - the ultimate with all the bells and whistles! Large suites, spacious living areas, elegant decor, state of the art technology, some demonstration kitchens, hot tubs or small pools on deck, large experienced crew and luxurious amenities are some of the many features that set these barges apart from the rest. Cabins range from 160 - 280 sq. feet.

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