Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are in addition to the Terms and Conditions of the individual barge which will be provided with the Invoice for Deposit or Full Payment to confirm your reservation. By sending in my(our) deposit or full payment, I(we) agree to these Terms and Conditions on behalf of myself, my traveling companions and any minor children. I(we) agree to read and accept the Terms and Conditions required by the individual barge as well. If I(we) am applying for a booking for one or more persons other than myself, I(we) represent and warrant that I(we) have the authority to make the agreements, releases and other statements contained in this form on behalf of each person.

Jack and Beth Hanson and CanalBargeCruises.com LLC
are acting only as booking agents with regard to canal and river barge cruises in France and Europe. We do not own or operate, or have any control over, any entity which is to or does provide goods or services for your trip, nor are we responsible or liable for the financial default of or any negligent or willful act of any barge owner or barge company, hotels, car rental, trains or any other travel services we book on behalf of the client. CanalBargeCruises.com LLC pays the funds received minus our commission to the barge company upon receipt from the client. At that time, the contract for service is between the client and the barge owner or company. Should there be a dispute or claim by client(s), client(s) agrees to submit any claims or requests for compensation directly to the barge owner or barge company.

Jack and Beth Hanson, CanalBargeCruises.com LLC, their affiliates and the owners and crew of the barges assume no responsibility for a client's illness, injury, death, property loss or damage while aboard the barges or their vehicles. Insurance for any of these events is not included in the price and I(we) accept all responsibility for such accidents or losses. I(we) have been strongly advised to insure myself and my belongings.

I(we) acknowledge that floor plans are for guidance only and may be altered from time to time to improve accommodation. I(we) acknowledge that changes may be made in the description or facilities of the barges, routes, itineraries or crew members at any time with no liability on the part of the barge or booking agents. The owners of the barges reserve the right at all times to cancel any booking or portion thereof on refund of the appropriate value paid by me(us) for the cancelled portion without further liability.

All deposits and payments made to CanalBargeCruises.com LLC or its affiliates may or may not be refundable depending on each barge’s Terms and Conditions. To prevent needless hardship in case of emergency cancellation, the purchase of travel protection has been recommended. I(we) acknowledge that I(we) have purchased such protection or waived my(our) right to do so. An optional travel protection plan will be offered with the Invoice for Deposit and is not required to confirm this booking.

Credit Card Payments: As a convenience to clients, the booking agent, CanalBargeCruises.com LLC, accepts MasterCard or Visa as payment for select barge bookings. By authorizing and making payment by credit card and by checking the acceptance of Terms and Conditions box on the Booking Information form, the Passenger expressly agrees to waive his/her rights under any relevant cardholder agreement or applicable law to subsequently cancel or suspend any such card transaction. The Passenger further expressly authorizes us to present this documentation to the bank or card issuer as evidence of acceptance by said Passenger that such card transaction is final and not subject to refund, reduction, cancellation or revocation, except as specifically provided in the individual barge's Terms and Conditions provided with the Invoice for Deposit. A maximum of $15,000 can be accepted on any one card per booking.

By providing the passenger information and remitting the deposit
or full payment required to confirm this reservation, all passengers agree to the above Terms and Conditions as well as the Terms and Conditions for each individual barge which will be provided with the Invoice for Deposit or Full Payment.

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