Making international phone calls

Making international phone calls

There are several ways to stay in touch by phone while traveling

  • - Low cost cell phones and SIM cards with excellent France rates.
  • - International pre-paid calling cards
  • - Free phone calls when connected to wireless or a computer. You can download a Skype app to your smartphone.
  • - Free phone calls to the U.S. and Canada from anywhere when connected to wireless or a computer. You can download a MagicJack app to your smartphone.

For emergencies, the captain of the barge will have a cell phone

  • This number will be provided to you with your final cruise documents and is intended for emergency purposes only.

Using your cell phone to stay in touch

  • Be sure to call your service provider before leaving to make sure it is compatible overseas.
  • Change to an international plan before leaving to save on roaming charges.
  • Whenever possible, use WiFi to reduce cellular phone charges for data and phone calls.
  • When you have access to WiFi, make calls using Facetime, Skype or MagicJack.

Using public pay phones

  • Public payphones are becoming more difficult to locate but are available. Most public telephones throughout France now use "telecartes" instead of coins. "Telecartes" may be purchased from post offices (La Poste) or tobacco stores (Tabac).

Hotels may impose a surcharge which can greatly increase the cost of international calls

  • Be sure to check the hotel policy before making your calls.

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