Alsace Lorraine

The Alsace region is an explosion of flowers and beauty in the foothills of the Vosges Mountains. Sharing a tumultuous history, this part French and part German culture is a delightful mix of the two countries and is a feast for the eyes and senses with its half timbered houses, geranium filled window boxes and the seven varieties of dry white wines.

The Marne-Rhine Canal

Opened in 1853 and stretching 313 km, the Canal de la Marne au Rhin was designed to transport cargo between Paris and Strasbourg and on to Germany. The pretty scenery, quaint villages and green foothills make this an idyllic cruise route for hotel barges.

Sightseeing can include:

  • The canal laced historic center of Strasbourg
  • Picturesque villages of Saverne and Lutzelbourg
  • Inclined lock of Arzviller (when repaired after 2013 damage)
  • A master glassblower's workshop
  • Route des Grands Crus famous for its dry white wines
  • Lots of opportunity for walking and biking


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              Video of Historic Sarrebourg
            in the Alsace Region of France

Lutzelbourg Village in Alsace by client ESleigh

Panache on Azviller lift in Alsace