France has over 5,000 miles of canals and rivers, many of which are navigable by the popular hotel and charter barge cruises taking passengers on leisurely, unique adventures. These are some of the most beautiful waterways in the world enhanced by the wonderful culture of French joie de vivre with gourmet dining, fine wines, friendly people and rich history.

Master List of Barges in France

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First Class
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Ultra Deluxe
From $7500
 Northern Burgundy
 La Belle Époque (13)
 C'est La Vie (8)
 Nivernais Canal
 Northern Burgundy

*Randle (4)  L'Art de Vivre (8) 
 Luciole (12)
 Southern Burgundy  Savoir Vivre (8)
*Magnolia (6)

 L'Impressionniste (12)
*Rendez-vous (6)
 Saroche (6)

*Amaryllis (8)
Finesse (8)
*Fleur de Lys (6)
*Prosperite (8)
 Canal du Midi
 South of France
*Saraphina (4)
 Anjodi (8)
 Athos (10)
*Esperance (6)
*Alouette (4)
 Enchante (8)
*Roi Soleil (6)

 Napoleon (12)
 Upper Loire  

 C'est la Vie (8)
 La Nouvelle Etoile (8)
 Renaissance (8)
 Alsace-Lorraine      Panache (12)
 Saroche (6)
  Panache (12) - Inquire
 C'est la Vie (8)
 Paris and Surrounds
     La Nouvelle Etoile (8)
 Southwest France - Bordeaux      Saint Louis (6)




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